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Can you afford Court Fees?

What a challenge the last 15 months has been during the Covid-19 pandemic and we are still not out of the deep waters with this one. It has brought about unprecedented challenges to both business dealings and in our personal lives and it may be quite some time before each of us will fully recover, if at all for some. There have been over a 130,000 deaths in the UK during this period and this is still rising albeit at a seemingly reduced rate although we still could be facing further problems as the virus mutates into new variants. Lockdown has brought continued problems both financial and health which has caused much stress and strained many relationships.

We have seen a large increase in problems in such things as personal relationships, some of which have resulted in separation and divorce. Employees have been laid off work, furloughed at best, or made redundant at worst. Businesses have failed and contracts and agreements have been frustrated or broken bringing about much litigation which has kept the legal profession, as well as the Courts, very busy indeed, to say the very least. Not only is this exhausting but it is financially crippling and wastes so much time and energy which can also lead to health issues and problems as well as ruining one's reputation by dragging matters through the Courts over a long period of time. This can invariably end up in the press and social media and is very harmful to individuals and businesses.

Life has its difficulties and will throw curve balls at us all and the secret is how we react to and manage them. Do you know that 85% of cases that are referred to Mediation are settled out of Court with huge savings on legal costs? To a solicitor it can also result in a very satisfied customer in a short space of time who is more likely to refer other cases. Just think about it. All the additional Covid-19 deaths in the UK alone, has led to a large increase in Probate work. 1 in 4 cases involve family disputes over the distribution or handling of an Estate. This has not been helped with so many divorces in recent years and the huge number of new blended families. Without careful planning many people have left their Beneficiaries unsure about their entitlement to an inheritance and many have been disinherited due to a parent remarrying and then perhaps predeceasing a new spouse or civil partner or even a sibling influencing a parent's Will.

Mediation is a professional took that will help solicitors and their clients reach an earlier conclusion which also releases time to the solicitor to be dealing with an increased flow of referrals. With reduced fees to the client they are also more likely to return with further future business as well as having made recommendations to their family, friends and associates.

Further, the above mentioned problems in our complex lives has resulted in much litigation, particularly as we increasingly become a nation of 'blame and claim' advocates. It is so easy to threaten legal action but it can take a year or two of dealing with lawyers and Barristers before one even goes to Court and that in itself can be financially devastating. If the case does end up in Court one could be looking at tens of thousands of pounds more! So many rightful actions fail due to lack of funding such litigation. As mentioned above, a Mediator can facilitate parties to arrive at an acceptable compromise and settlement with little financial outlay at a fraction of the cost of legal proceedings. As stated, some 85% or more of cases can be settled by mutual agreement so this is clearly the preferred route particularly if you are concerned about long delays in the process of litigation and the huge costs involved without the guarantee of winning in Court!

You should seriously consider Mediation for you, and where appropriate, offer this to all your clients first before a bill is run up that you know they cannot afford or wish to pay, and in any case, before any Court action takes place as it could save you and your clients a fortune in costs and settle matters in a much shorter time period.

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26 May 2021

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