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Out-of-Court Settlement

Skip the Media Blitz with an Out-of-Court Settlement

Are you separating and your ex is promising to drag out all the ugly in a very public manner? When your business relies on a positive public image, DFC Mediation can help you to minimize the damage of a public trial by reaching an out-of-court settlement. We have years of experience working in both the courts and private mediation. In many instances, we enable both sides to reach an equable agreement without airing dirty laundry for public consumption.

Learn How to Avoid Court Cost and High Legal Fees

When you retain an attorney to represent you in court, you will pay an hourly rate for consultations, research, paperwork prep, and a wealth of other costs. You will also pay fees for the court. Avoid those court costs and high legal fees when you opt for mediation. Both sides benefit as our fee is split and in many instances, the problem can be resolved in less than a day. Run the figures and save thousands of pounds and months of angst.

Mediation Helps You to Resolve Common Problems while Reaching a Reasonable Solution

Why do the courts encourage you to opt for mediation? About 85% of parties that enter mediation will come to a mutual agreement instead of standing before a judge. Any payments between the parties are statistically lower and the decision is not filed in the court docket. Your mediator can suggest options that allow you to bring the situation to an end, instead of dragging out the emotional and financial turmoil for up to a year.

If you would like more information on how mediation works and how to get the other side to come to the table, give us a call at DFC Mediation today.

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