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Small Claims Mediation Service

Stop Fighting the Courts with Our Small Claims Mediation Service

Are you unable to fix your car while you wait for a court date for your small claims case? DFC Mediation provides accessible, fast, and affordable services enabling you to speed your way to a resolution. We work with a wide range of clients and focus on just about every type of legal difficulty from personal injury, property damage, fender benders, and other situations that benefit from our small claims mediation service.

Learn How Your Suit can Save Money through Mediation

When both sides of the case agree to mediation there are no court fees. You save money through mediation by splitting the cost of our services. It often takes only one day to work through the entire process. You do not have to wait for months or even a year to put the problem in your rearview mirror. You will not have to hire an attorney, either. It is just you, the other guy, and an objective third party focused on coming to a mutual agreement.

Keep Control of Your Resolution

Did you know that if you take your problem to court you can end up paying up three times the requested amount if the judge decides there are exigent circumstances? When you enter mediation, you agree to the final amount. With the uncertainty of the court removed from the decision process, more control stays in your hands. Better yet, the agreement is not logged with the courts, so the settlement stays out of the press and public knowledge.

It takes just a few minutes and a phone call to DFC Mediation to determine if mediation will benefit your particular small claims case. We look forward to assisting you to resolve the situation and putting it behind you.

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