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Dispute Resolution Through Mediation

Get Past the Problem with Dispute Resolution through Mediation

So often when two parties have decided that only filing a lawsuit will resolve their dispute, it is personal emotions that are steering the ship. Dispute resolution through mediation with DFC Mediation can help to diffuse the cloud of anger and allow you to reach an agreement while moving beyond the moment. We listen to both versions of the situation and then bring you together where we work to settle.

Face to Face Mediation Services Brings Your Humanity to the Table

In many instances, our face to face mediation services help to minimize finger-pointing and determining fault. This opens the door to meaningful conversations that place the real issue at center stage. Somewhere in the middle, a compromise is reached and both sides agree to get on with life. The monetary payment is determined by both parties and paperwork signed, signifying the settlement.

Avoid Lengthy Courtroom Drama or Uncertain Outcomes

When you place your fate at the mercy of the court, everything becomes uncertain. Emotions can run out of control as you give your testimony. The judge can award a surprising settlement and declare a stunned party at fault for the entire situation. Finally, the decision is recorded and it becomes a permanent part of your public information. When you opt for mediation, all the uncertainty is left behind.

Take back control of a runaway legal situation and give DFC Mediation a call today. We can help you and the other party move forward while reaching a settlement that satisfies both financial and legal requirements.

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