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Professional Mediator

A Professional Mediator Prepared to Save You Time and Money

Whether you are facing divorce, struggling with a trip and fall incident, or simply a fender bender, there is a better way to resolve the situation without spending months or years waiting for a court finding. DFC Mediation is your local professional mediator with the tools and experience needed to help you and the other party come to a mutual agreement. Better yet, the cost of a mediator is significantly lower than court fees and your barrister.

Get back to Work with Professional Mediation Benefits

Civil disagreements have a way of consuming your attention while the lengthy trial process waits to begin. Is there a single point of contention that is preventing you from resolving the situation? Perhaps you simply cannot agree on the payment. One of the major professional mediation benefits is that a neutral third party can help keep the conversation alive, allowing you to make the problem go away without delay.

Protecting Your Public Image while Settling a Caustic Situation

Your reputation is largely depending on your public image. Even a minor court case that puts you or your business in a negative light can have devastating results. Professional mediation happens entirely behind closed doors and the settlement is not released to the public domain. Your privacy is protected while the other party also leaves satisfied.

Did you know that more than 80% of cases that enter mediation are settled within a single day? Give DFC Mediation a call today to learn more about our process and how we can help you. Mediation can happen in our offices, at the courthouse, or another mutually agreed on location.

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