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Court Mediation Services

Court Mediation Services that Save Time, Money, and Your Reputation

Yes, your civil dispute has brought you to court. After months of paperwork, anger, and frustration, your fate is about to be determined by a judge. Court mediation services by DFC Mediation can help to return some control to your hands. It isn't too late to sit down with both parties and hammer out a settlement that leaves out the uncertainty of a court ruling. A court case can take all week. Mediation could render a settlement by the end of the day.

Neutral Dispute Resolution Center that Works for Both Sides

Sometimes when mediation is offered by one side of a dispute, it is rejected because you will be meeting somewhere that is seen as your or their turf. Our neutral dispute resolution center takes the home team advantage out of the equation. Your mediator is paid by both sides and has no loyalty to either side. We are there to keep the conversation moving and production so you can finally settle. At the end of the day, the lingering case is no longer taking up time or space in your life.

Finding Common Ground without Giving Up Control

Part of the uncertainty of taking your divorce or business dispute to court is that you never know if the judge will do something unexpected. Suddenly findings include determinations of at-fault or monthly payments that were never part of either party's plan. Mediation allows you to stay focused on the issue and walk out of the room while avoiding surprises.

If you no longer want to risk standing up in court, give DFC Mediation a call today. We can create a plan that can finally take the strain of the lawsuit off your shoulders and let you start looking to the future.

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