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Why Mediate?

Save Time, Money and Stress though Mediation

DFC MEDIATION provides high quality services with a commitment to settle disputes out of court through the process of professional mediation. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our clients whilst providing an exceptional and compassionate service that they deserve and at an affordable cost.

Did you know that in the UK over 85% of disputes are settled via Mediation without ever entering a Court Room?

Save money, time and stress and use our services to reach manageable solutions so contact us today without delay!

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Our Background

After over 30 years in Financial Services and Business Consultancy, Paul who is located in the South East, is also contracted by a legal firm for some 5 years involved with contentious Probate, Wiil, Trusts and other private client cases. He is an understanding and inspirational person with a proven track record as a successful personal and business problem solver. Naturally his skill set and considerable experience has led him to focus on Mediation which he is passionate about as an effective alternative to using law courts and a viable option for dispute resolution without the protracted dealings, uncertainty, adverse publicity and high costs of litigation. Paul is a firm believer that over 85% of private and commercial disputes can be resolved and successfully settled out of court. Find out more and book a confidential appointment.

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